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We made it to June!

Hi there!

How is everyone doing? Slowly getting back to normal? I'm hanging in there. Working on Book 7, hoping to wrap it up soon.

So, now that we're almost officially into summer, this is the perfect time to sit back and relax with a good book. And what better time to read about a romance that takes place in June, but in the month of June itself?

An Unexpected June, Book 5.

Have you read it yet?

If not, you're missing something special.

But rather than ramble on and on (as I've been known to do), I'm going to share a post featured on author Madison Michael's blog today about An Unexpected June.

And if this isn't enough, I am also including another blog post that was featured all the way back in February, also on Madison Michael's blog.

February's Angel, Book 3

So, grab the beverage of your choice, get comfortable and take a few minutes to read about me, An Unexpected June and February's Angel. I hope you'll enjoy!

You'll find both of the links below. (Be sure to also check out the rest of Maddy's blog posts and her books at ).

Take care and happy reading!


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