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Million Dec Amazon .jpg

A Million Decembers

ISBN: 978-0-9600311-0-8  Book 1

A photograph. A hand-painted Christmas ornament. 


Two people caught completely by surprise, one who doesn’t believe in love and one who hasn’t had time for love. 


Too much has happened to Anna during the past year for her to even think the fairy tale kind of love she used to believe was even possible anymore. Now she’s ready to go it alone.


But along comes Nicholas. He believes fate has stepped in, sending a message neither he or Anna can ignore. His life up until now consisting of business mergers and multi

million-dollar deals, he is totally unprepared for this new situation he now finds himself in.


But he’s never one to turn down a challenge. And he’s not a quitter. Now he only has to convince

Anna of the same.

For the Love of July2 Amazon Cover .jpg

For the Love of July



ISBN: 978-0-9600311-6-0  Book 2


Think summertime... and baseball comes to mind.

But let's say we mix things up a bit. Think of it as a recipe in the making.

A recipe for love. 

Start by tossing together one spunky hometown girl, Abby Evans, who bakes cookies for a living and Kevin Kardell, a hot and upcoming Major League Baseball sensation. A Chicago native and new in town, he is more than ready to show Cleveland just how good he really is. 

Add a dash of humor, a pinch of sass and a whole lot of chemistry. 

Finally, the most important step of all? Add heat. Lots of it. 

The result? Bam! Bang! Sha-zamm! You've got fireworks! A recipe that's a winner, hands down! 

But of course, there's a catch ... because, as

we all know, anything worth having never

comes easy.

February’s Angel 2 Amazon Cover .jpg
February's Angel

ISBN-978-0-9600311-2-2  Book 3  


Sometimes you just want another chance...Even though it seems like Sophie Michaels has it all. An apartment in Paris, her dream job, and the latest fashion at her fingertips. These should be more than enough in a girl's life, right?

Tell Sophie this.

Instead, she's been spending too much time thinking about what she left behind. It’s been six months since she left to manage her aunt’s boutique in Paris and she’s now returning home for her best friend Abby’s wedding. Her only hope is she doesn’t make a fool of herself when she sees Chester again.

All because of one unforgettable kiss.

Chester Mazzori's life has always been about everything baseball... until he met Sophie. But after parting the last time on such uncertain terms, he knows the week they have together before she returns to Paris may be his last and only chance to convince her to stay.

Like her, he can't shake the memory of that



Promis Me November Amazon Cover.jpg
Promise Me November

ISBN-978-0-9600311-0-8  Book 4


Carrie Mazzori has never been good at relationships. They always seem to fizzle out before they even begin. But she’s good at what she does for a living. An interior decorator, she’s been nominated for an award. Which means she’s off to New York to attend the awards ceremony. 


But there's more at stake here than just an award. She ’s hoping for a miracle of a whole different kind. 


Chris Gardner lives in New York. From the very first moment he met Carrie at a friend’s wedding last February, he knew she was the woman he’d been waiting for. Even though she hasn’t returned any of his calls, he believes fate will bring them back together. And this time, it will be for good.


But he's more than willing to accept the

miracle Carrie is searching for. 



An Unexpected  June

ISBN-978-0-9600311-8-4  Book  5


It’s not looking good for Livy Mazzori. She lost her job. Then she lost the man she gave six years of her life. So, it’s time to leave New York.  Yes, she’s almost thirty and running away… but back home this time.


Sam Bridges is a big part of the draw. She met him last November when he was in New York. Since then, he’s been a persistent reminder in her mind of how things could be different. Maybe a good different? 


Sam is bewildered by his feelings for Livy. It doesn’t make sense since she led him to believe she isn’t interested... not by a long shot. He hopes to figure it all out when she comes home for her sister Carrie’s wedding. 


One little problem… he’s pretty sure she’s

back with her boyfriend Zack...

Heading 6
Promise Me November
ISBN:  978-0-9600311-9-1 - Book 6

It’s been said third time’s a charm and Hannah Michaels was only hours away from making this happen. The first real date Sean had promised was about to happen. But then she did something so incredibly stupid. Stepping out in front of a speeding motorcycle, she sailed head-first into a parked car. This left her with no memory of the past two years of her life, Sean falling right into this void.


Even though Sean Young was to take over his family’s cattle ranch in Australia, baseball was his first love. When he received an offer to play for Cleveland, he'd left the ranch behind to fulfill this dream. Never did he expect to take one look at Hannah and have her steal his heart. Nor, after returning from an unexpected trip home due to a family emergency, did he think he’d have to prove the love they’d shared before her accident was still the real thing.

Will this third time become that promised


Will Sean’s persistence pay off?



September's Moonlight Serenade Amazon Co
Goodbye Heartbreak, Hello May Amazon Cover.jpg
September's Moonlight Serenade
ISBN: 978-0-9600311-1-5 - Book 7
Darcey Hollister is living the perfect life. VP of Marketing for Hollister Industries. A condo overlooking the ocean. A future with David Hanson, a successful lawyer. But when she discovers David and her best friend in a passionate embrace, she realizes she’s been living a lie. She receives a package, postmarked from Cleveland. Inside is a promise ring given to her by Jason three years ago, but lost the same day. With the loss of the ring, she believed she'd also lost the promise it symbolized. But with it now back in her possession, she sees this as a second chance to make things right.


As one of Cleveland’s most talented and beloved musicians, Jason Bennett could have any woman he chose. Only after Darcey left that January morning, he realized the promise he made with the ring would hold forever. She was the only one for him. But when she suddenly drops back into his life, he finds his mind in a battle with his heart. Yes, he’s been handed a second chance, but he also wants a guarantee he won’t be hurt again.

Will their promise hold?  Or has too much time

gone by? 



Goodbye Heartbreak, Hello May

ISBN: 978-0-9600311-7-7 - Book 8


      Life is all about making the right choices. Even more so with love.

      Never in her wildest dreams had Stephanie imagined three men would vie for her attention. And all at the same time. This just doesn’t happen to girls like her.

     There’s Noah, the sweet-talking doctor who gets her heart in a flutter every time he sends her one of his smiles. But he had already made it clear commitment wasn’t his style.

     Then there’s Jack, the drummer in her brother’s band. With his movie-star good looks and charming demeanor, he could easily be one of the city’s most eligible bachelors. If only he weren’t so shy. 

     Finally, there’s Evan. A freelance photographer, his mysterious coming and goings leave her wondering if each time she saw him, it could be her last. But he needs to move on from the past if they’re to have a future together.

    When things get even more complicated, Stephanie has two options. Be the sensible Stephanie she’s always

been. Or let her heart lead the way.

A Grand Slam Kind of Christmas
ISBN: 978-0-9600311-5-3 - Book 1

Everyone wants to live in a small town. Having grown up in Blossom Falls, Ohio, Jessie Carter would be the first to tell you, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. This was why she left. Landing a job as a lawyer in one of the most prestigious firms in Chicago, she was ready to take on the world.

Now still reeling from a failed relationship, her integrity is suddenly under question at the firm. So, it only takes a hysterical call for help from her nine-months pregnant sister Crystal, to have her packing up and heading home.

As one of the most sought out professional baseball players around, Max Kirby surprised everyone when he signed with the first team to offer him a long-term contract. Ohio bound, for the next seven years, he plans to call Cleveland his home.

 He shows up the second week of December, eager to settle in, find a place to live. Little did he know an unplanned visit to Blossom Falls would lead him to Jessie. That she almost runs him over is the start of a series of events leading up to a Christmas they’ll both never forget.

This is the first book of the series, Holidays in

White Oaks Valley. 

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