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So, What do You Expect from a Blog?

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Yes, please tell me... because I really don't know what to write.

I don't want to just write to write. This is mostly because if I'm going to write, I should be writing the final parts of my fifth book. Which, by the way, I'm just about finished and quite proud of what I've written.

And I certainly don't want to start writing about the books I've already written and how, yes... they are still available on Amazon. And yes, I am in the process of converting them into ebooks. This is hard for me, because I'm not really a fan of ebooks. I just don't feel like I'm reading a real book when I read an ebook. I feel like the whole experience isn't the same. As though I'm reading a magazine or something.

Call me crazy, but this is the way I feel. It must be the thrill of turning the pages. Or the feel of the new pages, so crisp and un-read. Almost stuck together... sort of like a stack of brand new, almost just off the press, twenty dollar bills.

But, I would like to know how you feel about this. Because, according to everything I've read, romance novels are the top selling genre in ebooks. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think this has a lot to do with the covers.

You know the covers I'm talking about... with the shirtless, incredibly sexy guys, obviously short on shirts. Maybe they're in the wash, or the guy just wants to show off. Your average everyday guy. He's gazing out at you from the cover with that sad, almost pouting look on his face. This is because the woman he wants, well, believe it or not, she just isn't interested. Hmm... uh, huh.

Rather than plopping a stack of these kind of books on the counter at the bookstore and getting that knowing look from the sales assistant, it's so much easier to hit one button on Amazon and the book is yours, right there in the privacy of your home..

But am I wrong when I say these covers are all starting to look alike? If you were to line a lot of these current books up, side by side, they'd all tend to blend right into one another. Which would lead you, the person who buys the book, to believe the stories inside would also be all the same.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against these books or authors of any kind. It's not easy to write a book. As it isn't easy to be a cover designer. My attempt at designing the first round of covers for my books was definitely below standard. I'm almost embarrassed by what I came up with.

But maybe it's time for a change... Because isn't this what it's all about? Standing out in the crowd? Being original?

Seriously. I'd really like to know your opinion on this.

Too. Much. Information.


UPDATE: The contest below has ended. And no, I didn't win. But winning wasn't the goal - what I wanted, was for everyone to see the cover. So, if you did vote, thank you. There will be other contests and who knows, I may be asking you for votes in the future. Lucky you, huh?

So, let's talk more about book covers, I wonder if you could do me a favor? Don't worry, it's a very small and simple favor. There is a contest going on right now at

Yep, you guessed it - it' a voting contest for book covers. My cover for February's Angel is in the contest. I know, I know... you don't like voting contests. Neither do I. I had enough of that when I used to do recipe contesting. And seriously? I don't care about winning this one (and probably don't have a chance in you know what...) but I thought it would be good exposure for my books.

I also need to keep up the votes on my book so I don't get kicked out of the first round. My goal is to hang in there for as long as I can.

And here it is - the cover they chose to put in the top 100 - (and yes, it was chosen. I'm proud of this in itself.) If you really like it and would like to vote, keep reading...

Click on this link:

This will take you right to the page that features my book. Hit the orange - # Voted - button and if the # goes up one, you've voted. And you're done! No sign up, no commitment! Your name doesn't even show up on the page. You will be like a secret admirer of the best kind!!!

And look at that... you didn't even have to leave this page!

Hopefully, the next time I write here, I'll have more information on my upcoming novel. Again, I think you're really going to like it... The story just keeps going on, the old and the new becoming like family. Take note, Hallmark!!

Take care,


P.S. Scroll down and check out the newest update added to the blog post about plagiarism.

As Martha would say, "it's a good thing!"

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