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Good News!


I thought I'd share this article with you, Taken from the Good News Network, it's exactly what it claims... Good News!

Read it, if you have a few minutes. It's a very short article, with lots of encouraging news for those of us who get that feeling of joy and anticipation when holding a new book in our hands, ready to lose ourselves in another world. (Here, may I add, a romance novel would be a smart choice, because after all, this is the one genre you're assured of a happy ending... always!)

Taken from the article:

"Some studies show that people are maintaining their love of printed books because they don’t contribute to excessive screen exposure; people prefer having physical ownership of something they value; and readers are also more likely to remember information from printed sources, rather than screens.

Other consumers also feel that it sets a good example for kids, as growing up surrounded by books has been shown to have positive lasting effects on the mind."

Who doesn't want to have a positive lasting effect on their mind? I know I do!

So, friends... set an example for your kids. Order a new book online. (Hint! Hint!) Or spend some time browsing in your local bookstore. Be assured you can't go wrong with a new book.

Until next time...


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