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Cinderelly, you have time for love?

Updated: Mar 23, 2019


For those of you who are devoted fans of the Hallmark Movie Channel, have you noticed a reoccurring theme in their movies over the past few years?

These women are not just sitting at home, twiddling their thumbs while they wait for their Prince Charming. Oh no... they are out there, ready to save the world.

Nope... they are are there, everywhere... getting their degree, holding top positions in major

companies and solving even the most complex small town problems with their brilliant ideas.

And what about the man they fall in love with? They seem to have drifted off in a whole new direction A good number of them appeared to have left their high profile jobs and the corporate world, to instead settle in a small town. Where they have become the town handyman or maybe carving nutcrackers in their little workshop in the barn out back.

Okay, okay... this is a bit of an exaggerating on my part. Some do have rewarding careers. But, really? And a little shout out to Hallmark, if you're going go nation-wide, selling these nutcrackers for hundreds of dollars, at least make them look like they're worth the cost. (Maybe as an artist, I'm one of the few who noticed this, but come on... those nutcrackers looked like a first grader painted them.)

I'm glad Hallmark is showing women as independent and successful. Because it's obvious someone needs to know what they're doing when, say, the Inn is on the verge of going out of business because of a bad cash flow... the festival has to go on, even if the sleigh or Santa is nowhere to be found... or the local restaurant, cookie factory or the whole town is about to be taken over by a huge conglomerate, who doesn't give a you know what about the town. Evidently, it's all about money.

Sigh... and unfortunately, in the real world, it sometimes feels this way.

But in Hallmark land? Everyone is happy. Love is in the air. Smiles, too. Which is a good thing.

And this is why we love Hallmark. For an hour and a half, or however long each movie is after commercials, we can pretend there really is such a perfect little town. Where everyone lives in harmony, always ready to help when a problem arises. And of course, there is an abundance of love floating around, where you know the ending is a perfect love story to boot..

Just out of curiosity, I wonder if Hallmark has ever considered making a movie here in my home town of Chagrin Falls, Ohio? It would be the perfect festival type of town.

Until next time, take care!


P.S. Is anyone else out there wondering what's going to happen to the popular Hallmark series, When Calls the Heart? What changes Hallmark will be making? It will be interesting to see what they will decide to do.

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