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And Here We Go Again...


I was sitting in front of the computer, staring at what I just wrote for word number 9405 of the fifth book of the series. My goal at this point is to reach 10,000 words. For some reason, once I get to that magic number, everything starts falling into place; the characters, the series of events and how I eventually want the story to end.

Now, this doesn't mean everything I write from this point on is set in stone. No, there will definitely be changes. Probably lots of changes.And this, believe it or not, all depends on what the characters decide they want their story to be.

I don't write the way you're supposed to write. I don't have a plan or an outline. No, after that 10,000th word, I start writing whatever comes to me, jumping from chapter to chapter if need be. It's not all perfect, but it's there. Perfection comes later. At least this is what all authors aim for in their books when they finally finish.

Sometimes I read what I've written and think I'm a genius. And more often than not, I think I must be out of my mind to think I could write. But I keep plugging on. And for that reason, I know I am only going to get better.

I found this quote on Wikipedia and I'd like to share it with you:

“Women will pick up a romance novel knowing what to expect, and this foreknowledge of the reader is very important. When the hero and heroine meet and fall in love, maybe they don't know they're in love but the reader does. Then a conflict will draw them apart, but you know in the end they'll be back together, and preferably married or planning to be by page 192.”

— Joan Schulhafer of Pocket Books, 1982

This is why a romance novel gives, not only the reader, but also the author, such a good feeling. You're sharing a secret that something wonderful is about to happen to two people who've become your friends. Just by opening a book and beginning to read.

Until next time,


P.S. Right after I wrote this, I reached that magical 10,000th word! So, here I go!

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